DIY halter neck customisable top!

A little skin show is always marked as beautiful. Be it an Indian attire or a western one or maybe an Indo -western one , a little skin show can harm none ! So here i am with a pretty simple DIY-halter- customisable-top ! And yes, you can make it look different each time! So without further ado, lets jump right into it! 😉

what you will need :

  • A t-shirt of your choice .(preferably with no prints on it)
  • A Scissors ✂️.
  • Measuring tape.
  • Tailors’ chalk.
  • Needle.
  • Thread .(preferably in the colour of your tee)
  • A few iron-on patches .(for ur tee)
  • Hook and loop fasteners.
  • A fabric glue or any adhesive that has a good grip.
  • a few all-pins.

How To :

  • Lay the t-shirt you have chosen on a flat surface and smoothen up any wrinkles (or iron it .. or put it under ur bed and sleep over it … just make it smooth 😝😂)IMG_4340
  • Fold the tee in half IMG_4341
  • Now mark a curve starting from the sleeves of the tee and cut along it as shown in the image.1500887345174
  • Now , cut along the neck portion like so…1500887370421
  • Now , fold the neck portion and sew it through making a little socket for the thread (u use this to tie the top around your neck )
  • Insert the thread thingy through the socket!
  • For a detailed tutorial please do watch the video linked below
  • after you have finished making your halter top its time to make it customisable !
  • Take a few iron on patches and stick a piece of hook and loop fasteners on them .
  • Choose where you want to put ur patches on and paste some fasteners in there too using a fabric glue or any glue with a good grip.
  • you can now grip your iron on patches using the hook and loop fasteners you placed ! You can place a new patch each time you wear it ! And patches are quite  trend so it looks cool too !

So there you have your very own customisable halter-top !!

(Note: the images and videos used maybe a subject to copyright)

👉The Idea has  been inspired from many of those YouTube tutorials ♥️


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