My brain works quite good when I have fever and its midnight! So here’s what I came up with!



He called her a hoe;

He said she craved attention!

Never did he notice her pain,

after answering each question!

she gave him everything she had,

everything he didn’t deserve!

she was hurt and had none,

yet she never gave up , nor

did she shift her path!

for her love for him was real,

as long as it existed!

but it was him ..

who made her quit ,

who made her leave!



Years later ,

He experienced what she then felt.

This time it was him,

who craved attention!

for he’d have lost everyone,

some with his words and

some with intention!



But thanks to him,

she is now the queen ,

The queen of her own kingdom!

somewhere where only

love and love mattered!

somewhere where there was

nothing called betrayal!

somewhere where no

trust is broken!

somewhere between the earth

and heaven is now where

her world was!



thank you so much for reading ❤️😊

~Loads if love ❤️



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