First Blog Post?

So , whosoever is reading this , what’s the first thing that came to your mind? “Why?” Right?

So, Here’s why :-

  • Lately I’ve been getting depressed every now and then . And a few of you already know that . Isn’t it funny that we make a big issue out of every little thing in life? Well , I find it funny! I’d overthink every little thing that has ever happened to me untill I realised that none of this is an issue at all ! I’d cry myself to sleep every night , but now i make funny memes in that time (thats credits to my twin though <3) . Then i came accross an across an amazing article and  from that I have learnt that if you give yourself proper work you wont have time to get depressed 🙂 . Later i came accross a few blogger friends of mine and was really inspired for starting my own. I really don’t know how far this will go but for now this is all I have to make me happy (kayy apart frm my twin over there m sure hez gonna read this one <3).

• The content –

This might have some Photography and nature content , A little Inspirational content for my fellow human beings facing the same ishh like me , some health and fitness content , A few DIY ideas and maybe a little fashion related content  ( i am still planninggg )

If you don’t wanna miss out on the upcoming stuff , make sure to follow me on instagram @thegirlwithstarsforeyess

thankyou so much for takin time to read my ishh ❤ ❤



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