Lets talk about an innocent soul shall we? Or more of an innocent one which turned to an immensely free and independent soul!



Its the story of a soul …

The one as pretty as a rose ,

but can get crushed in seconds!

the one as fragile as a dandelion,

but easily flew away with the wind

the one as innocent as a little kid ,

and could easily believe things!

the soul which never expected anything in return,

…In return of her love and trust ❤️

she was all happy or atleast tried to be


Then came a storm ,

which made her loose the crew !

which made her fly high;

but also feel alone!

depressed as she was

so alone, so delicate !

she saw no reason to keep going;

or to keep smiling !


yet life gave her no option

but to fly with the wind!

as she flew she realised

it was the joy of the flight

that everyone craved of her!

It was the life she thought was sad

that others were jealous of!

it was then that she decided

to search happiness in herself

and not in someone else!

for she now knew she needed none

Neither to make her smile

nor to make her feel complete!

for she was now a soul with no regrets!

she was free … she was complete !

all by herself she didn’t need no one!

she was now independent

of everything and everyone!

and  that was what helped her

in flying even higher !



Thank you soo much for reading


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Love love love 💕❤️

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