Everyone has the right to question; But how far can these “QUESTIONS ” really go? Would you ask a girl something like “Hey , how much do you charge per hour? ” or something like ” Hey , can I have some nudes ?” And think it would be okay ? ( NO!)  oh yeah ! The real mess starts after this ! If she rejects  you, shez a whore! And i agree; reject kar rhi he wo… aur wo bhi tumkoo! whore hi hogi yaar! And incase she accepts , bechari bohot innocent nikli yaar! Lottery lagi aapki ! Abh kya padh rhe ho jaao !

IMG_4522I wanna question you men! Every single one of you! WHY?! Why is her life your bussiness!? Who gave you the right to say anything about her?! To cheat her!? (It aint yo janmhakk okay?!)

Even the women who sell her body just for one day’s food do feel bad about it! 90% of them are forced to do it men! Gandi nazar se dekhne waale har kisi ko usi nazar se dekhte he bhai! And it must be killing her by the way you look !

Cause i am no one to say all this … well, i wanna say one thing!  Those who still write “bros before hoes” and think its cool af , kyaa yaar ? Kyaa sabith karna chahte ho!? Lyk ssly! 🙄

And those girls who say things bout their own so called fraaaands ; i am done ! I am not talking this ! Baye!!

None of this is meant for any individual one ! Thank you for reading all the shit i wrote 😬 Lyk i feel really good after lettin it go ♥️

-Loads of love ❤️



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